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We are a full-service executive search firm, experienced and equipped to handle all aspects of the search process. We have built a business based on one word. “Integrity”... "The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”.

Do People make the difference in your Company?
The most important decision a company can make is the investment in the right employee. People are the solutions to short-term gains and long-term profitability. Having the best people for your company, defines its culture and protects the bottom line. The success in proper staffing will define the beginning and end of your organization.
Dennis J. Knox & Company, Inc. (DJKCO) seeks to identify the core impact players that enhance the business plan and accelerate your company growth. We strive to find candidates who are not just looking for a job but are career motivated to form a relationship with your company where they can build their career.  
​Thank you for considering Dennis J. Knox & Company, Inc.  as your  "Recruitment  Resource". 
Our extensive candidate data base evolving over forty years is the driving force, which separates us from many competitors. Our network covers the world and has been enhanced through outstanding word-of-mouth advertising, based on performance and association with caliber professionals and outstanding client companies.The focus is on quality. Therefore, we realize the importance of identifying the very best candidate for the position is paramount in our due diligence and research.
The only conclusion to a search is knowing, that we have identified the very best individual for the position. The relationship with our client is established on the premise that "Performance" is the very core of our existence. We are an Independent / Boutique International Search Firm, competing in a very demanding business.  It is on this premise, a standard of excellence and personal service, second to none, has established the foundation for a long-term, mutually productive association, adding value to our client's most important asset.........their human capital! 

Dennis J. Knox  & Company, Inc. has  expanded it's search services on an international basis covering the UK, Australia, Mexico the MENA Region and Asia. Our professional network is extensive, incorporating over 40 million individuals on an international basis.

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