​A contingency search allows a client to use a professional search firm to help them find qualified candidates with no out of pocket expenses up front but only when a candidate is hired and starts. The main objective of a contingent recruiter is to qualify many candidates and resumes as possible and send them as quickly to multiple clients before their competitors do.
At DJKCO our contingency group takes a focused search approach for every job position they work. Our recruiters directly source candidates utilizing our specialized database, job boards, online research tools and direct cold calling. Identified candidates will be screened and presented to the client based upon the position profile. The success to any contingency assignment is directly contributable to the communications between client company and recruiter. Direct recruiting is very time consuming, and proper feedback is essential to finding the candidate that is a perfect match. The more engaged our client is the better our results will be. Since our recruiters typically work several contingency assignments at a time, those clients with quick and detailed feedback have the greatest success rate.
As mentioned above, contingency search has no upfront costs and we are only paid when a candidate is placed. Our standard fee is 25% of first year base salary with a 90-day guarantee. If for any reason the hired candidate does not work out, we will fill the position again for free. A contingency search has one recruiter 
assigned to it. The recruiter has access to all of our advanced recruiting tools and our research database. They will be your single point of contact through the entire process. The recruiter assigned to your position will have expertise in the practice area that corresponds with your search.
A Contingency search works well for companies who desire a client-vendor relationship. 
Using the contingency model for doing a search, a client may have several recruiters that are attempting to fill a position. While a client may assume having several recruiters to find a candidate is to their advantage…there are some major drawbacks. 
We have found at times that the process can be rushed. The first good candidate presented can become the frontrunner in the search. Because of time competition good can be polar opposite of “great”.
The old saying that “time is money” fits into the contingent model. The client will receive a measured response from each recruiter. Because there is no exclusive commitment, job orders are on a time-resource availability. Each job order must be balanced against all other orders currently available to the recruiter.
Another potential drawback to contingency arrangements is because of the competitive nature the recruiters are hesitant to give the name of a company right away because it can create further competition from other recruiters and risk the possibility of the candidate going direct which can cause irreparable differences in the relationship.
Contingency searches involving multiple recruiters can be more time consuming from a client perspective. There tends to be more interviews with this approach with more people involved. If you are interviewing the right people, that’s terrific. Unfortunately, multiple candidates that miss the mark, the contingency process can absorb valuable time that many clients do not have available.
Because the contingent arrangement is non-exclusive, the candidates surfaced will be presented to more than one client which at times creates a quantitative approach insuring that the numbers work in the recruiter’s favor. From a client perspective, this may be an acceptable approach if the open positions are of low to medium priority to the organization and the timing is not critical.